Monday, February 22, 2010

Whole grain pringles

An update on my Pringle post. I did end up finding these whole grain pringles at Walmart. They are not available at Publix where I usually shop. They dont actually taste bad, but they are fattening. I prefer to have sun chips they taste better and not too salty. The whole grain Pringles actually taste pretty salty. The only thing you have to be careful when you are dieting is fat content on these whole grain products. These products claim to be healthy because 100% whole grain, but it is also important to read the whole nutrition label on the product. The Baked chips are actually good because the fat content is less, but does not mean you can eat the whole bag. LOL YOu have to watch out for the carbohydrate content then because most of those chips are not made 100% whole grain.

Betty Crocker whole grain muffin

Ever since I started my diet I like to incorporate everything whole grain. I had really been craving muffins so the other day at the store I spotted Betty Crocker 100% whole grain muffin mix. It was just want I wanted! I thought they would taste somewhat good, but it was actually horrible. It had a really bad after taste and it seemed like it was too sweet. So I guess if I really crave muffins I should just have the real thing just not the whole one maybe half to save fat and calories.