Friday, August 21, 2009


My thoughts on drinking soda. I agree with everyone who says that if u drink soda even if its diet that it does cause weight gain or hinder your weight loss. I have found personally when I drink soda the next day i feel bloated and just FAT. I think maybe once a week if you go out to eat and you want something different than water its ok....and i really thought it being a "diet" soda that it would not have that effect, but it does. So if you are trying to lose weight get rid of the sodas even if its diet. There is a nice tropicana fruit punch which they sell which has less sugar..its really good, but again too much of it is not. They have a diet lemonade as well, which is good when u feel like have something other than water.

Precor Machine

I have found that the precor machine is the best in fat burning and also very easy on your knees. It is awesome and very easy to use. After having my second one it was very hard to lose the weight so i needed something to burn the most calories. With the precor machine I can burn up to 10 calories per minute. So in 1 hour of working out I can burn 600 calories just on that machine. Although I dont stay on it for long because I love running, but just so I wont run too much and make it easier on my knees by doing precor first to warm up and then run on the treadmill.

These are my thoughts on the precor machine. I wanted to buy one for the house, but they are almost 3,000 bucks so I joined a gym that has it!!! LOL.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Workout Update for august 15th!!!!

no gym today unfortunately didnt get a chance to go as was busy with the kids..will do some ab exercises in the night and pushups really seem to help..very tired today probably didn't drink enough water...also cheated on diet..but weight int he morning was down to 110 so need to get to 107 so shouldn't be that hard. Clothes seem to not fit right after this regnancy...anyways...hopefully will get to gym tomorrow

Friday, August 14, 2009

Gym Update

managed to just burn 300 calories today will go back to gym tomorrow because its not enough burn to lose weight need to burn at least 1500 calories a week to lose a woke up so only got to workout about 30 min and couldnt get to 3 miles on treadmill but managed to do 2 miles...goign back to drinking green tea everyday and also just salad and 1/2 pita bread for lunch...with lowfat dressing and almonds on to for the monunsaturated fats...adding dark chocolate chips during breakfast time for monounsaturated fat which is good antioxidant and also will help lower belly fat. Tried the flat belly diet doesnt work, but incorporating some of the advice from it into my own diet plan and that seems to be working well.

Diet Log Update - august 14th

on the way to the gym now ready to work out until the baby stays there so hopefully 30-40 minutes...weight training inner and outer thighs leg presses 10 min precor and 30 min treadmill or 3 miles whichever comes first!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Diet Log Update August 13th

Weight is now 111 pounds still about 4 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight..workout has gotten better running 9 minute miles, 3 miles in 27 minutes...increased doing weights and also added some physique 57 moves plus aobut 50-60 push ups a day....real push ups not girly ones. seems to help arms and back looks like that is slimming down!