Monday, November 14, 2011

The most important meal of the day: Breakfast

The key to keeping your weight stable and to avoid packing on the extra pounds is never skip breakfast! I know that everyone's excuse to not eat breakfast is not enough time, but you must make the special extra effort to wake up early and nourish your body with something after that 7-8 hour night fast. If you skip breakfast you are just setting yourself up for binging the rest of the day. We must feed out bodies after sleeping 7-8 hours and it is important for your metabolism as well.

Just like a car your body needs fuel to run on. Think of having breakfast as refueling that empty gas tank. You cannot drive on an empty gas tank and your body cannot function on an empty stomach!!! Your breakfast does not have to be something that will take you 30 minutes to make. It can be something simple as an apple with some string cheese. You have your fiber from the apple and the protein from the cheese that can sustain your for about 2 hours. Another great thing that does not take long is a whole wheat waffle with one tsp of peanut butter. You have the protein from the peanut butter and then the carbohydrate (good carb since its whole wheat) from the waffle.

I notice if I do not eat breakfast I tend to get headaches or I just feel run down all day. By skipping breakfast I have decreased my metabolism. I feel lazy, tired, groggy, and extremely hungry throughout the day.

So remember to fuel up your body in the morning so you can keep on going throughout the day.

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