Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why are some women obsessed with being skinny??

I have noticed lately that the trend is to be as skinny as a stick and looking anorexic is being considered beautiful. Why is that? As a nutritionist I believe it is so important to eat the right foods to be at your ideal weight. You should never ever be underweight. Never workout so much that all you see is skin and bones.

Some problems that can arise from being underweight are:  heart failure, malnutrition, GI issues, and malnutrition. There can be numerous vitamin deficiencies due to lack of nutritional intake.  When you consume less calories than you burn also there can be an issue. I do not think a look of being completely emaciated is beautiful. What I don't understand is why do people put themselves through that.

There should not be extremes. You have some populations that will overeat because of depression and you have some that will deprive themselves of food because of depression. In my opinion if the media did not portray these models in magazines as skinny as they are or airbrush their photos to hide their "flaws" we would not have so many eating disorders in our society today.

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