Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I feel that if you are craving something you should definitely have it . It will prevent overeating or instead of 1 day cheating it might lead to 1 week or a month or you might even give up on dieting. We cannot give our bodies the same thing everyday. We need variety to keep ourselves interested and keep ourselves focused. We get bored easily and getting bored of dieting will just lead to failure. So if you want that ice cream, fries, or a burger have it! Just remember there are healthy ways to eat these "forbidden foods."

For example, if you want ice cream have a small cup, one scoop if you are out at the ice cream shop. If you are at home stick to 1/2 churned its just as good as regular and it has half the fat. Honestly to me it tastes really good and now most companies are making 1/2 churned ice cream. If you really want to cheat have it in a cone instead of a cup you can savor it for longer!!!!

Ok my take on fries......smaller portions!!!!!!!!!! Do not think just because today is your CHEAT day you can go ALL out. Remember moderation is the key. It will keep your weight in check for a longer time rather than just a month maybe it will help you keep it off for a year.
Always get the fries without salt and if you are making it at home you can use olive oil and no SALT maybe salt substitute or other seasonings you enjoy. You can bake the fries at home and they just come out as good as they are when they are fried.

BURGERS----MY absolute favorite food. Have the burger on a whole wheat bun and if you are going to cheat have a good burger not one from the fast food places because you do not know what kind of meat that is!!!! When it comes to the condiments remember MODERATION. Do not slather on the mayonnaise or extras.

Now you might be saying ok I thought you said just have what your craving, but then all these dos and dont's. WELL you want to keep the weight off, but you also want to eat the the foods you enjoy. This is how you do it!!!! You can have all the foods you want just make that food healthier and in moderation.

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