Thursday, January 12, 2012

My opinion on "Weight Watchers" and "Jenny Craig"

As a nutritionist I have never been very fond of the Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig programs. In fact I find them very confusing and as a dieter I would get frustrated with counting points all the time.  I think the food and the snacks provided by these programs can easily be made at home by yourself. Why waste your money on something you can try yourself?

I recently watched an episode about how Jennifer Hudson lost tons amount of weight on Weight Watchers diet and I think its great. I mean it worked for her and she looks amazing! But as a nutritionist I feel that we can just train ourselves to eat a balanced diet and we would be fine I think many people probably cannot afford the high "prices" that comes with the weight watchers and Jenny Craig diets. My number one rule is cut out the WHITE PROCESSED foods that is the number 1 way to go. That is the basis of the Mad Diet and it has worked for me. I feel more empowered and proud of myself because I did this on my own. I did not count points or calories. I basically cut out the biggest culprit in the American diet today-WHITE PROCESSED foods.

So as this new year begins switch to a healthier you by:
  • Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Incorporate those whole grains and whole wheat items into your diet
  • Cut out the soda!!!!
  • Decrease fried foods and concentrate more on the grilled ones
  • Try to have fish about twice a week
  • Treat yourself once in a while so you do not fall off the "wagon"
  • Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!
  • Build those muscles!!! Building muscle helps to increase metabolism and burn fat!
  • Incorporate a protein and a carbohydrate at each meal it will sustain your hunger!
  • Make sure you snack every 2-3 hours on something healthy. This will hold you help you feel satisfied until your next meal. Never let your blood sugar drop too low because this will just lead to binge eating and over consumption of calories at your next meal.
So before you think about joining Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig try to change your diet yourself and see the results. Your waist will be thinner, but your wallet will not!

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