Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Postpartum Weight Loss

Post-baby 6 months
My blog covers a variety of topics from nutrition to fitness tips. I have been on a 1 year hiatus because 1 year ago I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Taking care of a baby is a 24/7 job so that would explain why I have not had a chance to update my blog. I wanted to write a post about my experience with weight gain during pregnancy and weight loss post-baby. I want to share my tips and strategies to getting back to your pre-baby weight!

Pregnancy can put a toll on any woman's body. In this pregnancy, which was my 3rd one, I planned to gain only between 30-35 pounds. So I continued to exercise up until the day I delivered! I exercised about 45 minutes/ 4 times a week. I included weight training as well as cardio.  I started out pre-pregnancy weight of 110 and I ended at 145. Exactly 35 pound weight gain! I felt great after having the baby because I did not have much unwanted pounds to lose. Post-delivery I weighed in about 119. Now this number is not bad for me considering with my previous pregnancies I had gained over 50 pounds. I knew that with this pregnancy I had to be careful since I had 3 kids and losing weight would be a struggle. Would I find time for exercise? Would I be able to control stress eating? That is why I am glad I did not have much to work on.

Even though I did not have much to lose it still took time. They say it takes you 9 months to gain it so it will take you 9 months to lose it. Boy were they right! I wanted to take my time and not stress my body out. I believe the key to postpartum weight loss is to start watching what you eat the day you have the baby. Do not go into your pregnancy eating habits!! Start watching refined carbs, desserts, portion sizes, cut out sodas, drink plenty of water,(especially if your breastfeeding), and for the first 6 weeks get plenty of rest. Rest is important because you do not want your cortisol (stress hormones) levels going up and causing weight gain in your belly area. So when your baby sleeps you sleep!!!!

When your doctor gives you the go-ahead you can start exercising again. This will make you feel great despite all the sleepless nights and stress of a new baby. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.
Here are some great tips to concentrate on post-baby:

  • Eat more veggies
  • Eat plenty of fruits as snack
  • Include a healthy carbohydrate and a protein at snack time
  • Eat every 2-3 hours
  • If you feel hungry you might not be! It might be thirst! Drink water!!!
  • Include Green Tea with ginger-metabolism booster as well as belly bloat blaster!
  • Try oatmeal for breakfast-include a protein and a fruit for a complete meal!
  • Salads with plenty of veggies for lunch with a lean meat
  • Brown rice, lean meats, and plenty of veggies for dinner
  • Light walking in the beginning
  • If you worked out during pregnancy start slow then you can begin your normal workout routine pre-pregnancy.
  • Try an aerobic class
  • Do not weigh yourself in the beginning of your exercise regimen you tend to gain a little when you start then it starts coming off soon enough!
  • Include light weights for arms
  • Leg lifts (youtube has great exercise videos)
  • Pelvic tilts (great for getting that flat belly back)
I have given you some excellent pointers!  Do not stress about the baby weight let it come off slowly because then it will stay off. We do not want those pounds to creep back on by going on crash/fad diets. Do it the right way through healthy eating and exercise!

Good Luck ladies! Don't be afraid to add any comments or suggestions if you have any!


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